Tune in Together

Saudade de Ex (feat. Jorge & Mateus)'s poster image

O erro do ser humano

é terminar

Gostando ficar solteiro achando que vai sair


Falta engano

Toda vez

Bate um vazio depois de um copo cheio

E quando chego na resenha

Vejo um casal perfeito

Dando uns beijos ah eu ligo na hora

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Saudade de Ex (feat. Jorge & Mateus)

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Bro, I was listening to this song and I started dancing crazy thinking I was home alone. Only later did I see my mother laughing at the door.
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There are many people who do that, end up living their single life, but there is nothing better in this life than enjoying a relationship, loving and being loved!! #singlesoffers
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Sometimes hits hard, but when I think of everything I've experienced, I see that God has given me deliverance and the opportunity to get to know someone better.
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I always liked it, I just didn't imagine that I would end up living kkkkk
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TikTok Music Brasil
Guys, has anyone here ever heard "Saudade de Ex" by #RionegroESolimões, #JorgeEMateus? I really liked the instrumentation! What's your favorite part of the song? Have you already included it on your playlist? Tell us in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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I don't know how a song can touch me so much kkkkk. Unfortunately I can't forget my ex who is a wonderful woman either #voltaaa
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we don't choose who you fall in love with the heart that does this makes decisions and has nothing to do when you realize you are already loving or in love.#loves
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very top
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Mariza Mendes
our this way I never saw a truth of this belief😏😏😏
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There he sings❤️❤️
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miss ex already more kkkkk
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Look at the juice there only 1 like _/} (. _.) *is it going to be a little juice? * (>🥤~
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