Tune in Together

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Não sei mais pra onde ir

Já que a noite foi acorda pedrinho

Oh que hoje tem campeonato

Vem dançar comigo

Vai ver que eu te esculacho

Sei que não dá pra ver

Mas cê vai ver que hoje não tem chocolate

Nem de segunda a sexta feira adianta treinar

Cê pode vim

Mas vem agora nem r**a rebola

Na hora de ir embora cê chora

Não sei mais pra onde ir

Já que a noite foi longa

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MarianaLopes_81's avatar
I wake up soon Pedrinho, will you sleep until 2030?? HAHAHA perfect music❤️, rocking melody as always! My family keeps listening to this wonder! Success!!!🥰💐
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in my school there is a boy named Pedrinho people all the time He's sleeping Or talking my god from heaven I don't know what I do kkk
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Guilherme.Silveira's avatar
crappy music. .unfortunately this is the reality...you don't have singers like before...chicken pitadinha which is more childish...
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Good thing I'm not Pedrinho because I love to sleep, I want to wake up no kkkk #HoroscopoPop
renata_sousa's avatar
This song makes me feel that the hexa will come kkkk "Wake up Argentina, which today has a championship, come play with me, you'll see that I spank you" Who trusts the hexa there??😼😼
Patricia_Santos's avatar
I feel like a fake talking to Pedrinho up, when all I wanted was to spend the whole day under the covers #Cold:)
Aline_Barbosa's avatar
#horoscopopop people who are pedro will listen to this msc for the rest of their lives..... think cmg, you don't agree to let pedrinho sleep? everyone keeps up pedrinhooo #DEIXAOPEDRINHODORMIR
ThiagoAlves_98's avatar
Pedrinho is a gentleman who used to frequent the same bar as the boys in the Jovem Dionisio band. There, he is famous for always falling asleep and, when he wakes up, wanting to play pool. "Wake up, Pedrinho":P
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We are all binaries, fractional decimal hexes and doomed to always be like that. data that no one looks for in the trash can... What is hidden in your soul...
camidesouza_'s avatar
wake up Pedrinho q hj has charisma come and shake with me if not i spank you kkk it's very very very very very very cool and i love the vibe of the music and when i listen to the music i can't get it out of my head!
leonardoP's avatar
"Wake up Pedrinho" didn't enter my life but it did invade haha. She is very good and just addictive. The band Jovem Dionisio sent too much. #HoroscopoPop
IgorPereira.96's avatar
I don't know where to go anymore, since the night has gone... THE PEDRINHO, WHO HAS A CHAMPIONSHIP TODAY, IS COMING TO DANCE CMG, YOU WILL SEE THAT I SCHOOL YOU!
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I will wake up my best sending thirty audios singing "wake up Gui/Aline that hj has intelligence" from hj on school saturdays
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which instrument in "AA PEDRINHO" caught your attention the most? And which verse of the song stands out to you? Leave your opinion and be part of #DecobrindoMúsica 🎶
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this music is very good, there in the of my school there was a sound box, then we listened to this music and other music too. very good!
RenanPereira_54's avatar
No better are those videos with "wake up Pedrinho, wake up Pedrinho, Pedrinho has already woken up and already eaten chocolate, I guess!" I think that's how KSKSKSK from so much that this msc played
luuucasoliveira's avatar
wake up soon pedrinho ! this music doesn't leave my head my family doesn't stop listening either because this music is so good
AnittaSeguidor's avatar
I don't know who you are but pfv, wake up soon Pedrinho, I can't take it anymore
JoaoMendes_82's avatar
wake up soon pedrinho! this music doesn't come out of my head my family is fine not to stop listening to it because it's so good that this music
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