Tune in Together

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Estoy bien

Por si están con el pendiente

Mis amigos y parientes

Esos que me frecuentaron

Y de pronto me olvidaron

Quién sabe por qué


Pero no se me preocupen

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Fuera De Servicio

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Gregorio Alanis's avatar
Gregorio Alanis
I feel #OutService with this raw I have. I shouldn't have had that much to drink yesterday, auqneu was fun. hahaha.
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Manuel Garcia's avatar
Manuel Garcia
The catchy rhythm of this song makes me want to sing and dance with my friends at a party.
Maria Luísa Corrêa's avatar
Maria Luísa Corrêa
The instruments interact to create a mystical and ethereal atmosphere in this song, it makes me want to explore new worlds.
Isabelly de Almeida's avatar
Isabelly de Almeida
This tropical rhythm transports me to an exotic and warm place, where I can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze.
Maria josefa Cordova's avatar
Maria josefa Cordova
The instruments are mixed together to create an addictive and magical melody in this song, it makes me want to listen to it over and over again.
Ricardo Rios's avatar
Ricardo Rios
has a fresh and youthful vibe, makes me want to go out on the street and enjoy life.
Rubí Figueroa's avatar
Rubí Figueroa
The lyrics of this song make me feel hopeful and motivated, it is so inspiring and optimistic.
Caio Barros's avatar
Caio Barros
The lyrics of this song make me feel nostalgic and melancholic, but at the same time hopeful for the future.
Emanuel Barcelos's avatar
Emanuel Barcelos
has a frenetic and energetic rhythm, it is perfect for exercising or dancing in a nightclub.
Josué Camargo's avatar
Josué Camargo
has a soft and relaxing vibe, perfect for a quiet night at home.
Gabriel Marínez's avatar
Gabriel Marínez
The lead singer's voice is so sensual and seductive, it makes me feel like I'm in a nightclub.
Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
The lead singer's voice is so strong and delicate, it makes me feel that I can conquer any obstacle.
Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
The lead singer's voice is so powerful and unique, it makes me feel like I'm hearing something special and different.
Jose Miguel Leon's avatar
Jose Miguel Leon
has an intense and passionate vibe, perfect for an intimate and romantic environment.
Davi Miguel Calixto's avatar
Davi Miguel Calixto
The instruments interact to create a melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere in this song, it's perfect for a rainy day.
José Miguel Calmon's avatar
José Miguel Calmon
I really like the lyrics of this song sound in Spanish, it is so poetic and full of feeling.
Rosario Bernal's avatar
Rosario Bernal
The lead singer's voice makes me feel happy and grateful, it's so sweet and comforting.
Olivia Gutierrez's avatar
Olivia Gutierrez
The instruments complement each other to create a soft and romantic melody.
Pedro Ruiz's avatar
Pedro Ruiz
This off-duty song is not my thing, it doesn't turn me on, I don't like the beat and the lyrics are a bit meh.
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