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Só no balanço

Só no balanço

Mf xand avião juntou fogo e gasolina

Tô off pra disputa quero ser prioridade

Quero amor inteiro não aceito

Só metade vou te excluir

Se não se decidir vai entregar seu coração pra ele ou pra mim

Fala na minha cara que não gosta do balanço

Aquele negócio a gente faz em todo canto

Vem vem cá vem cá

Pra gente se amar

No balanço da rede só tomando vento

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Balanço da Rede

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This song reminds me of when I went to the fields, I put the net on the hook and stayed all afternoon on the net swing listening to the sound of the animals on the farm #BalançoDaRede
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Sleeping in a hammock is healthier - says Swiss research. Made of cotton, fabric, for decoration, for sleeping, and for a few little things lol... Sleep hammocks are present in the history of
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The biggest ones we have YES and no one has the right to disagree. Matheus Fernandes and Xand Avião dominate Brazil and the music scene with their hits #hits #balançodarede #viral
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Did you know? There's a hammock that's terrifying in Utah. It stands 150m above ground level, over a huge canyon. The installation cost no less than $50,000. Would you dare take a nap in it?
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my favorite I listen more than a thousand times a day...it's a good thing it's in the phone only I hear if ñ the neighbors had already thrown stones at me
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Did you know that Nets were invented by the Mayans? Yes, nets were originally woven from vine and lianas, native to Latin America. These Mayans were amazing, weren't they?:P
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FORGET IT, if you have the Xand Avião you don't have another option without being a hit. I love his voice so much, my vocal power.
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TikTok Music Brasil
#MatheusFernandes is a Brazilian singer who caught the attention of Xand Avião with his author song "Tá Beba Né." The two partnered and released together the song "Balanço da Rede" in 2022. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
If you like Matheus Fernandes, maybe you'll enjoy Dorgival Dantas. He also makes country music! #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Balanço da Rede" has an electronic forró dance with traditional instruments such as the accordion and zabumba. The lyrics talk about a person who is in love and waiting for their love on the net. The music is lively and has an infectious rhythm. #MatheusFernandes #XandAvião #Reviewal
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There's a couple I would take to an off-season carnival kkkk
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Matheus Fernandes is dominating all of Brazil with his talent and involvement, but here I have to exalt the xand plane that is on this road has been so many years and is still relevant and #delivering #everything
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♨️🦂亗 Sasa 🪭✨
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it's good to make love on the net kkkk
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i love this song
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Nataly De Souza
eithaaaaa ❤️🌵
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the habit that doesn't come out of the head #ôbagaceira
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Jaldenir Garces
Boots for a DJ
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i Short Premium Music and Comment to Listen!
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very good
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