Tune in Together

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Marília, a gente precisa conversar

Pode mandar

Se a sua vida for com ele

Só me avisa pra eu cancelar nossos planos

E parar de sonhar com os nossos meninos brincando

Imagina a bagunça que a gente faria na casa dos sonhos

Se a sua vida for com ela

Sem crise, eu aguento o tranco de boa, vai lá

Quem sou eu pra pedir pro seu coração se explicar

Tem adeus que a gente não fala e não quer escutar

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Amava Nada

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Amanda Teixeira
everything Marilia had was good people, there's no way....
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Ana Julia Fragata Piccolli
If you know you don't love anymore then you overcome it and soon find a better one. as a famous personganes would say " Love them, drop them, and take half of everything." kkkk #AssisitamEradoGelo3
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TikTok Music
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song "Amava Nada (Ao Vivo)"? Do you think it is a strong point of the composition? And about the lyrics, is there any that caught your attention more? Share with us! #Discovering 💬
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Ingrid s
My queen will always be the Mlhr of the world 🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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people, peopleeeeee... tell me how the heart is?? 💔❤️‍🩹... top music too
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Wedney Alves125
my god this one ends and top too
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nast 👾👾
what a longing for our queen❤️😟
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mano vsc is FD... and you know why I'm talking about this!! you cut!!!! You are FD!
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Sam 🥲
Queen ❤
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eita lasqueira, sdd Marília
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eternal Marília 😍🥺🥺
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What perfection of music people 😍What sdds from Marília 😭
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this one is top too much, or I'm so in love kkk, my god.
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I miss our eternal Queen
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beautiful music everything was beautiful with her
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