Tune in Together

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L7, me espera

Se minha tropa tá na pista não dá pra pegar

Nós aprendeu a voar brindando cada conquista

E do produto

Minha meta é multiplicar

é o trem na cara do rio favelado todo de ouro

é que quem vem de onde eu vim

Não se contenta com pouco perfume exala

Cara de cara de quem não vale

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I really admire L7NNON because he's a guy who doesn't need to talk about drugs, women or drinks to be successful with his songs, a guy who is very different from the other serious ones.
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I know a guy who stopped using drugs because of L7NNON, I think rap is just that. change your surroundings , always go ahead #RJnacena #VLWL7 #éorap
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hey, have you heard "Other" by L7NNON, Ajaxx and LeodoKick yet? I found the instrumentation amazing and the lyrics super captivating! What is your favorite part of the song? Tell us all about it in the comments! 👀 #Discovering
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When I listen to this song I remember my moments with my boyhood, we are all big fans of L7 and we always really enjoy listening together.
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Lindcy Camila
that key 😍
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I'll look at you like that until I like it.... II😏 II. II /\
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