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Quando a noite caiu

Loira zona sul de fulga

Na favela, se jogou logo

Que me viu

Se jogou logo que me viu

Estampado o desejo de

Dar a x**a

Incrível jogando a potranca

Enquanto balança o lança

Louca na madruga porque

A noite é uma criança

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Incrivel Jogando a Potranca

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When he talked about the blonde running away in the favela, I already remembered so many I know haha While swinging the spear the night is a child, I'm here sending this song for several #incredible #night
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Mc Gabzin has a serious unique voice, I think he is so successful mainly because of his voice which is very nice to hear #funk
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I love the scream that Gabzin gives at the beginning, this "catch" was amazing!!! The song is already a hit!!! #HoroscopeFunk
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Look, I don't like funk very much but this song doesn't have the feeling I like too much, it's one of my favorites from this musical rhythm.#top
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What is your opinion about the song "Incrivel Jogando a Potranca" by Mc Gabzin and DJ Swat? What did you think of the dance and instruments used? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to use #DecobrindoMúsica 💬
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I was listening to this song on the last volume and my grandmother thought I was crazy I was dull but I kept swinging the skeleton!
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Just don't dance to this song when you're sick. "I sick dancing to her right now" haha. Perfect. Loved!!
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Gustavo vinicius
put it with amplifier it will be top
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Lucas h.
vibe early 2022
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jamilly silva
my new addiction 😍
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jamilly silva
my new viceoooooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶
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carolaine🇧🇷 @ccarolaine621
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to addicted
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~ Maisy 🍰~
this girl looks like loud's thaiga
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top 🔥
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