Tune in Together

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Quem que é quem

Paz paz paz não serve pra descer

Ninguém paga minha luz

Por isso que ela é minha só sei de luz

Ela brilha sozinha mais de mil

Red no estúdio hit nas cozinha

Quem manda é a 30 quero ver subir subir lá

Kunk na mochila é hidromassagem


Royal salute

Pra dizer

Que eu não sou teu amigo

Por onde eu ando sempre to tranquilo

Se elas me acham é bem nenhum sorriso

Meu som grudou na pista é um adesivo

E taca fogo na baga de gestível

To pouco me fudendo memo no mundo fudendo

Ninguém paga minha luz

Por isso que ela é minha sou sede luz

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With this trio in the song there was no way to go wrong seriously, Teto and Matue are the kings of trap currently and WIU has been growing too much, this song gets top 1 sure
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"Morena jombo of the hair, comes lives in a castle and houses cmg, was outside shedding blood, hj my walrus is not in danger"✨✨
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"Morena jambo, with long hair, comes to live in a castle and lives with me, she was outside, shedding blood today my bat is not in danger..." I really wanted to send it to my cat...
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Gustavo Fabiano
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Tue sends a lot, here comes a feat with the Ceiling, to improve even more there is the WIU, the guys broke everything with this song, 30 commands #HoroscopoHipHop
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This song is a song of millions of pounds, because it has already hit millions of views in all possible applications and it has already put it in everyone's mouth seriously
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hot blonde with long hair Who walks long and hears 1Kilo Tail in the Bay, we release stingrays I show you how to date a vampire🔥
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luscious loirinh with long hair comes to live in a castle and house cmg tava out there poured blood hj minh bat n runs danger, right song? mmm
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boa d but viciei my amgs on this msc ksakkkkk won mts views in pouc time... this stumble mt top kakaa only success for you
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Matuê,WIU,Teto released the song Vampiro. The track is characterized by a strong and fast dance , with instrumentation that includes the use of synthesizers and a pulsating bass. The lyrics talk about enjoying life like a vampire, using metaphors and complex rhymes. The melody is captivating, and the song is a hit in the rap scene. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
Matuê is a Brazilian rap singer and songwriter who gained national fame with the song "Kenny G," which went viral on streaming platforms in 2019. #Curiosity
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This music and too much!!! It already took me out of suffering, made me smile in the sad moments of my life, Parabens Teto, Matue and WIU.
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TikTok Music Brasil
If you enjoy the Ceiling, I recommend listening to Froid's work. He also has a melancholic and introspective rap style. #Discovering
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520 Janser 888 Loyola 777
i'm crazy without f1 hearing this hit ♥️
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I'm going everywhere (I remember when I had released the preview of this one I had already decorated everything ksksk)
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it's the 30 pohaaa
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and better of the heart if not the vampire will bite you
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