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Yo, te di todo mi amor y más

Y tú, no reconoces ni lo que es amar

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Si Una Vez

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Andres Rojas
#IfOnce you couldn't understand me, I don't think you can do it a second time. I don't give second chances to those who don't deserve it. ☝🏼
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Ana Júlia de Abreu
"#SiUnaVez I said I loved you, today I regret it. If I once said I loved you, I don't know what I thought, I was crazy. If I once said I loved you, and that for you life gave, I will not do it again. That mistake, it's yesterday's thing" #SelenaQuintanilla
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Joaquín Luna
I love how #Carín brings songs from the past for new generations to know and be educated #SiunaVez.
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Ramón Suárez
Music has a quality that makes you feel like you are somewhere else.
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Fernando Islas
I love the carefree and relaxed vibe of the song, it always lifts my spirits. What a good rolita!
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Rael Bitencourt
A song that captures you. A real gem!
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Miguel angel Diaz
What I like the most is that letter that talks about dreams and the perseverance to achieve them. I love it!
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Eduardo Guerrero
I haven't listened enough to this artist to know if I like him or not.
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Lorena Guevara
I really like how Carín brings songs from the past for new generations to know! #SiUnaVez #CarínLeón
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