Tune in Together

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Perdi minha cabeça amor

Fiz um charminho só pra te atiçar

Devia mesmo era me entregar

Me entregar

Quero tanto o seu amor

Quando eu vi foi love

Me entreguei no love

Quero ser o seu love

Quero ter você

Até o amanhecer

O clima que rolou

Foi cena de amor

Quero ter você

Até o amanhecer

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Cena de Amor (Funk Remix)

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I first heard this song at the guriri summer festival and I've been hooked ever since, now that I've found this funk remix version it's even more amazing! #remix #funk #cenadeamor
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I loved Zé Vaqueiro singing funk, very good, is there any other funk he is singing too? If you have it, please tell me the name #FunkRemix
Vinicius_Sousa_vss's avatar
The music itself is completely perfect, now this remix is a work of art, Zé Vaqueiro's voice was really cool singing funk #zévaqueiro
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DJ David MM
Hi fml, want more remixes in this style? Tmj #guardemessenome #éodavidmmtlg
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the lyrics of the music are very beautiful and emotional, conveying a deep message. The melody is immersive and the harmonies are pleasant
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I thought I was addicted to this song, but my neighbor is more. What hit is this, guys? I can't handle it!
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faclubedoChicoBuarque's avatar
made me emotional by remembering happy moments. The lyrics are simple, but the melody is very touching. I loved the harmony and the instruments used
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TikTok Music
What is your favorite David MM, Brisa Star or Zé Vaqueiro song? I wanted some recommendations. #Discovering
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Man, I was listening to this here and my mom thought I was dancing alone, when I was actually killing some mosquitoes
Guilherme.Santos's avatar
Zé cowboy is too good, where the man puts his hand is successful, I always cheer up with the lyrics and the energy he spends in the songs. #QueenRole
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Deivet Braga
and hello guys this song is very top notch not who liked it liked DJ is in the area although listening to more music there although commenting what is your favorite songs
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top too ❤️❤️
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top propa
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top ♥️
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top I am
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