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Voltando pra casa às seis

Pra provar pro ex

Que quem perdeu foi o ex

Mas o som do seu carro

Só toca indireta

Para de filmar o painel e vira tela

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Molhando o Volante

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camidesouza_'s avatar
I don't even like thinking about separation, first I wasn't going to accept it and then I don't even have a car to get the wheel wet kkkkk
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The process of ending is suffered, more than losing another person, if you lose a world of dreams dreamed together, and showing the pain we feel makes it hurt more, then we struggle to hide....
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this is the one you hear coming back from work and if it's soft you end up getting the steering wheel wet too, listening to these mods is a danger #HoroscopoSertanejo
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Messias Barbosa
camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
Jorge and Mateus ruining my psychology every time I listen more finally, right, the ending hurts longer and longer passes, right....
fernandinhamachado's avatar
Jorge and Mateus always surprising me.a wonderful, sometimes their songs seem like something of my story. I love this duo so much#RelacionamentoAstral
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AlexLima_94's avatar
I'm addicted to this song, I listen almost every day, it has a nice vibe. Jorge & Mateus never miss! #molhandoovolante
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Rafael_Lima's avatar
tomorrow I'll send you proof of your mother's deposit and I'll talk to you and your family too and you won't be able to go there with you tomorrow and now it won't work out no no the day you want to go there with you and your family too and you'll see if I can go there with you tomorrow and I'll let you know if D
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AlineBarbosa_'s avatar
"insinuations that someone has by their side," when the relationship end process is recent, there are many stories that came up, better to block it! #fimdoamor
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TikTok Music Brasil's avatar
TikTok Music Brasil
Jorge & Mateus are one of the main names in sertanejo in Brazil and have performed several international shows, including in Europe and the United States. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Jorge&Mateus replaces the song Molhando o Volante with predominantly acoustic instrumentation, including guitar, percussion and acoustic bass. The lyrics speak of a man who drives in the rain thinking of his beloved. The melody is and captivating. #Reviewal
rafael.santanaSP's avatar
YESS, THE SOUND IN YOUR CARS INDIRECTLY. This music gives me a trigger that you have no idea about, good thing there's no one filming! haha
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TikTok Music Brasil
If you like Jorge & Mateus, you might also like Matheus & Kauan's music! They have a similar style and magnificent lyrics. #Discovering
rodrigo_van_acker's avatar
Speaking of relationships, there's no one better than them. "Molhando o Volante" It's my favorite song and one of Jorge and Matheus' biggest hits. They have already passed 200 million streams and views with this song on digital platforms. #RelacionamentosAstral
mariadocarmosouza83's avatar
And to think I missed their show, 😞next one I'll be there 😊 They sing a lot ✨🎼❤️
leilinha's avatar
this good p baby kk
Breno Amarante's avatar
Breno Amarante
the hand shakes to send this one to the kkkkkk...it's neither indirect, ok it's direct even haha😂
Kleytyane Sodré's avatar
Kleytyane Sodré
Someone took the feeling of all of us from within, from the soul, from our most intimate intimate and brought this beautiful art. The famous faces and mouths, because the character speaks...much more than we can imagine...
miriadesa2's avatar
nice music❤❤
hingridyfonseca's avatar
eit behind eit kkkk.... here we are wetting the cell phone screen 🤭🤭🥺
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