Tune in Together

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Quando ela meteu o beijo

Naquela garrafa eu vi minha boca

Pensei comigo, é esse trenzão

Que eu vou querer pra vida toda

Não deu outra

Cheguei na gata

Falei na lata

Vai ser bonita assim na cama lá de casa

E ela foi

E foi incrível

A gente fez amor e até hoje tá comigo

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Eita that suffering hits hard with this one, unfortunately only those who have exes not overcome know what it's like to suffer for it, beautiful song from this one and me just remembering him #sad
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Sofrencia hits hard when I hear this serious song, because I remember a girl I loved a lot and today she is with another guy and it's hard to see her with him #ex
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Only ex sufferers here kkkkk, I think it wasn't like that a while ago, nothing that time won't heal in a hurry.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you like the song "Con" by Hugo & Guilherme? What is your favorite part of the instrumentation? #Discovering
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Kiss in the bottle is good, bad is when he sticks the kiss in another mouth, it even looks like you took a shot #sad
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