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Uhm, you'll take your time to say Holy smokes

You know it's schemaboys to the motherfuckin' grave, b**h

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SXMPRA, COWBELL WARRIOR! Makes us want to keep rocking and dancing. Fun fact, they are from Jakarta! 🎉🔥👏
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Arga Widoyo
Hey, I was shocked to hear COWBELL WARRIOR! from SXMPRA. The song can make a smile can not be stopped. The crystal is really steady, making the heart excited about the cowbell voice. SXMPRA is really cool, I don't regret listening to the song.
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F Sudiro
SXMPRA makes me addicted to listening to COWBELL WARRIOR! So cool! The sound is nice to hear and fun to visit all the time.
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very good 🗿🍷
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'SXMPRA's COWBELL WARRIOR! got me headbanging like a maniac! Bells on bells on bells on bells. I never knew cowbells could be so epic!' #CowbellWarriorLove
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Man, COWBELL WARRIOR! had me vibin all day long! SXMPRA created a masterpiece thats stuck in my head like gum on my shoe #groovy
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What a delicious vibe haha, top music too much Sxpra always rockes the songs, simply the best have no way, very cool #trap #futurevibes
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TN Cold🖤
The beat of the cowbell and the words of the warrior, COWBELL WARRIOR! making me feel invincible and ready to conquer the day. #MusicMagic SXMPRA
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Damn, COWBELL WARRIOR! got me feeling like I can conquer the world! 'Gonna ring that bell till my arms go numb' - relatable AF #cowbellpower
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "COWBELL WARRIOR!" by #SXMPRA? What did you think of the instrumentation of the song? Is it to your liking or do you prefer other genres? Tell us your opinion in the comments and discover more music with #Discovery. 🎶
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of "COWBELL WARRIOR!" by SXMPRA? I found the instrumentation amazing! Which lyrics caught your attention the most? Have you already added music to your playlist? Share your opinion and participate in #DecobrindoMúsica!
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"Cowbell Warrior!" by SXMPRA is a high-energy EDM track that combines driving beats with the unique sound of a cowbell. The song's title refers to the cowbell's prominent role throughout the song, almost acting as a musical battle cry. The song has become a fan favorite, with the cowbell becoming a rallying symbol for SXMPRA's dedicated followers. #BehindtheMusic
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cowbell overload, can't stop shaking!
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Jose Martinez
#Sxmpra is one of the newest artists I've met thanks to the fact that recommended him to me on a playlist.
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Manuel Garcia
This song makes me feel like I'm in the last final boss of a video game #Boss #Likeaboss.
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the photo makes me doubt
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Doli Parlindungan
It is not recommended to listen to this song while driving.
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Olga fooga
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