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We felt the world go up in flames

And now we're nothing but a memory

So now I long for yesterday

I never thought I'd miss the rain

We can hold on to forever

We're alone but we're together

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Close Your Eyes

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just felt it too much when she said "and now we're nothing but a memory" 🥺✨
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close your eyes and feel this song and for a moment leave the real life. living alone feels like living in another world. #alone
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One step closer little by little time is everything success at a young age don't be afraid of failure
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gwh often hear when playing ball game ps3
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Cool song
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without a doubt an incredible song that is very beautiful and sensitive gives me a feeling of freedom that nothing can hold me and I can fly#nabalada
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let me step along and in line with my fate, even though big love can sometimes turn into a sharp stone that hurts
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already been seduced by the rhythms of #KSHMR and #Tungevaag's "Close Your Eyes"? What do you think of the instrumentation? Tell us in the comments! #Discovery 💬
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The vibe of this song and a lot the Coolen Hoover books, it looks like a plost and it's actually another kkk #book #vibe
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What a collab from KSHMR and Tungevaag...this song definitely has so much energy to give...need more collabs like this between these two.. this song is so layered its beautiful.
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I’ve been trying to move on, I’ve been trying to find new love just like you told me I should do. I’ve been trying not to let the memories of you ruin new love for me, but it’s hard because every time I close my eyes I wish it was you I was kissing.
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Leave a message for you, congratulations, you've made me give up on love, and don't forget my best friend is downstairs, okay?😔
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alex bennell
when i hear this song i remember when i was a kid at that time i played this song every time i was upset and now i still listen to my favorite song ☺️❤️❤️
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Johnny Idz
this song makes me the feeling of army who devoting their life for protecting us staying miles away and staying in flames and we recall them as a memory god plz protect them and their families
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Put your earphon🎧close your eyes❤then feel it. I am sure that while hearing this song you will memories many nostalgic moments in your life🌼
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Can't tell your heart to them, bin can't live even say, Aye Khuda...Such a fortune made, that he himself came from us and said that We live without you
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feel peaceful everytime this song go into my ears. it makes me feel better so easily 🥺
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The vibe of this music is so good and smooth, I really like it, I almost never hear songs that calmer but I liked this one
kerrie❤️‍🔥's avatar
just close eyes, feel silence of night and learn experience form night . loneliness best teacher in life .
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hard time finding out what you mean you can get a hold you in my self esteem issues with the kids to the gym and Then
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