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Mais uma vez eu fui pra lua

Pilotando esse teu corpo

Que corpo

E o fogo do foguete que acendia

Quando eu sentia

Teu gosto

Qye gosto

Voando demais só por prazer a nasa printou

Eu e você

Brindando na lua de champanhe rosé

é indecifrável

O nosso rolê

Nosso universo partir

Nós dois só sem parar

Nosso universo particular

Nós dois só sem parar

Nosso universo

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Universo Particular

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He probably has a really cool vibe, too much inspiration, I love listening when I'm going to college or work, I love it, #hungriahiphop #goodvibe
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With this song I remembered when I went to a party in the center of São Paulo and that day this song was played and I met @ there.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the song "Universo Particular" by Hip Hop? Do you think the instrumentation is well explored in the track? Have you already included it in a playlist? Share your opinion in the comments and let us know what you thought! 🎧 #Discovering 💬
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Man, I was listening to this here while I was cooking and the music cheered me up so much that I ended up dancing with a mic stick spoon!
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Gustavo from Neves, was right when he decided to launch his songs to the world. Particular itself, had almost 4 million views. #hiphop #unbelievable
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What a fucking music just traveling♥
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nice ♥
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Gui Xts
4k and 18 comments?? kkkk 🤣🤭
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Jadson Silva
just throws the tops 😎
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Rubens Amaral
Braba all white, very top 👊✌👊
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Anonymous User
@Ana Paula Psil
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