Tune in Together

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Por Dios, que no quisiera sentir esta ilusión

Tal vez podría cometer un grave error

Porque tú eres prohibida para mí

Pero yo no pude controlar al corazón

Y apenas que te vio de ti se enamoró

Y a cada instante me pregunta por ti

Acepta, por favor, salir conmigo

Así sea solamente para hablarte como amigo

Y puedas conocer un poco más de las razones

Que me hacen dedicarte este montón de canciones

Quién quita que haya en ti una llamita

De querer vivir una experiencia distinta

Qué tal y te despierto esas maripositas

Por favor, acéptame una cena clandestina

¿Qué tal si te enamoras de las locuras mías?

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Las Locuras Mías

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Melina de Farias's avatar
Melina de Farias
This music has such a lively and rhythm that it is impossible not to get infected with its energy, it is like an invitation to dance and enjoy life!
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Betina de Góes's avatar
Betina de Góes
The instrumentation is soly elaborate that every detail is a delight to the ears, like an auditory feast that never ends.
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Anthony Alves's avatar
Anthony Alves
How great! The melody is catchy and the lyrics are authentic. The instrumentation has a unique vibe, it's one of those songs that make you smile for no reason.
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Angel Mendoza's avatar
Angel Mendoza
What a nice surprise to find this song! The combination of rhythm and harmony creates such a magical and enveloping atmosphere that transports you to another world. In addition, the lyrics have such an inspiring message that fills you with energy and encourages you to pursue your dreams.
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Heloísa Chagas's avatar
Heloísa Chagas
I love how this song makes me feel at peace with myself.
Emanuel Barcelos's avatar
Emanuel Barcelos
Good vibe that makes you enjoy it to the fullest!
Luan Brunelli's avatar
Luan Brunelli
The singer's voice is like an echo on the mountain, resonating in the depths of your being and awakening emotions you thought were forgotten.
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Arthur Gabriel Corrêa's avatar
Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
This song always makes me feel like I'm in a dream world, with music taking me to faraway and wild places #LasLocurasMías.
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Maria Heloísa de Mendonça's avatar
Maria Heloísa de Mendonça
, this song is wild!
Pietra de Morais's avatar
Pietra de Morais
how to be at home, cozy
Cauã Batista's avatar
Cauã Batista
Set on fire this song
João Lucas Bassani's avatar
João Lucas Bassani
hooked on this rhythm
Isabelly de Almeida's avatar
Isabelly de Almeida
Pure life
Manuel Garcia's avatar
Manuel Garcia
passion on every note
Sebastián Flores's avatar
Sebastián Flores
sticky, love the beat
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TikTok Music Latin
What are the Omar Chaparro songs that excite you the most and why? #Discovery
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