Tune in Together

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A tua história foi escrita para inspirar

Cada detalhe da tua vida para preparar

Coisas maiores desenhadas

Pelas mãos de deus

Ninguém entende os momentos que você passou

Enquanto muitos te julgaram deus te ajudou

Mas cada marca em ti deixada

Te ensinou

Quando você pensou

Acabou a história não tem jeito mais

Ele pegou em tua mão

E disse que não deixa um filho só pra trás

E nos teus dias mais difíceis

Ele sempre lhe mostrou que esteve aí

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Deus Está Te Ensinando

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of why you are here, if you've opened up the comments on this song and are reading this, know that God has a plan in your life! Everything will improve, you are strong and God is with you!
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I'm going my way regardless of anything, because I know God will always be with me helping me with anything I need
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When I'm at home relaxing I listen to this one, it reassures me and makes me think of very good and exciting things, I recommend it to those who need to calm down and think about life.
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the story of my life seems more like a horror movie, just suffering and pain, it seems that God has fun with my pain.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the song "Deus Está Te Ensinando" by Jessé Aguiar? Have you ever identified with the lyrics at some point in your life? Share your impressions and don't forget to use #JesséAguiar and #DescobrindoMúsica Shall we exchange ideas? 💭
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Hahahahaha, when I was hearing this, my mom came into my room and thought I was watching porn!
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God is always on our side, he never abandoned his children. But we must always pray to God every second in praise of the Lord.
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Alberto Silva
beautiful song
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Érica Percinoto 💞
I love this praise
✨️🌸 Grazi 🌸✨️'s avatar
✨️🌸 Grazi 🌸✨️
"Not even everything bad for death is for you to grow up... it's for you to understand." 🥺❤🙏🏼
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Valmir Rodrigues Bat
May God always enlighten you who have faith in God
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very beautiful😍😍😍😍🥲
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This song describes me at that moment ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Beautiful praise, it's a courtesy...
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very beautiful music
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god is beautiful
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Menina dos olhos de Deus🙏's avatar
Menina dos olhos de Deus🙏
I'm not going to say that I'm a fan but an admirer of his work, each praise I think is handed. And his testimony is beautiful. Praise that touches the soul🙏🙏🙏
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