Tune in Together

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Quantas vezes choras em silêncio

E reclama por não ter ninguém pra ouvir

Você diz vai tudo bem mas por dentro

Vejo o mundo desmoronando sobre ti

Mas ouça agora o que o meu deus te diz

Filho meu

Eu não vou te deixar sofrendo tanto assim

Esse deserto essa prova vai ter fim

Eu sou a porta de saída

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yevgeniyamundson's avatar
praised be God, this hymn was an answer in my life. may every day your life be brightened by the mighty hands of God if
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very new but very blessed !! beautiful voice and singing, you will have a bright future ahead of you, may god continue blessing you and keeping #Jesus #faith
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Fernanda_deLima_a412's avatar
Would there be anything difficult for the Lord? In the appointed time, I will return to you, for this time of life, and Sarah will have a son.
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congratulations Isaac you are a blessed boy and your voice is wonderful 🤗👏.
rafael.santanaSP's avatar
What a talented boy, he sounds too much like my little one, what a pleasant voice to hear, very beautiful to see the children worshiping the Lord!
LuizFernando_1991's avatar
Isaac boy! What a talent that is! A blessed boy with the gift of music! What lyrics and melody too much!
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Raquel Souza de j152
congratulations amei
Ester Oliveira 🦋's avatar
Ester Oliveira 🦋
sings very beautifully 👏🙏
anne_art_decor🤩🥳's avatar
May God always bless your life 🙏
anne_art_decor🤩🥳's avatar
God always bless your family and your voice is very beautiful. 🤩
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querido cheguei
may you calm this storm in my life that you come to help me because I can't stand so much suffering sir
Edson Santos's avatar
Edson Santos
perfect congratulations ame 🙏🏻
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Adriana Pereira
congratulations amei
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