Tune in Together

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Oh, oh é pra sofrer com o Natanzinho

É isso que eu vou sentir

Toda vez que eu ver as suas fotos

Porque se toda vez que eu for sofrer assim

Eu volto, eu volto

Eu volto atrás da minha decisão

Pelo o bem do meu coração

Você pode até tá bem, mas eu não, eu não

Eu faço tudo que tiver que fazer

Pra te ter de volta, pra amar você

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Nattanzinho is a golden man for sure! This boy's voice is so fascinating people. The accent saying "morena" yet to be completed, too beautiful! #love #nattan
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NATTAN's voice is beautiful and his vocal technique is impressive, he manages to stand out on the national scene. Soon he will be one of the best known names in this Brasilzão. Can write down! #success
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TikTok Music
#NATTAN is known for its dancing and upbeat songs, and "Morena" is no different. Instrumentation includes reggaeton beats, electric guitar and keyboard. The lyrics are about a beautiful, happy woman. The melody is lively, with an easy-to-sing chorus to sing along with it. #al #Review
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Maria Clara paixão
cousin's name too and nathan 😍
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Damn, I was listening to this here and I laughed so loudly that my cat ran away thinking I was possessed! Kkkkk
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TikTok Music
What is your favorite NATTAN song? Any recommendations from artists or similar songs? #Discovering
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TikTok Music
NATTAN started his musical career playing in bars and parties in his hometown, but it wasn't until after the release of the hit "Tem Cabaré Essa Noite" that he became a big hit nationally. #Curiosity
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What a voice, my god! Nattan is from another world, and he has a way of infecting everyone by listening to this song, total success! #nattan #success
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I heard a lot in 2022 I think it was the height of homi, but he remains a fucked and respected guy, nattanzinho is successful
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Whoever it is but it's the brunettes they like, they are the ones who end up with them haha, I'm glad I was born a brunette my people, Nattan sings too much mt good #BoraPraCima
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we at least try, but the other side has no answer #explorarresso
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to the brunette
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That's a declaration of love!
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Luana Almeida
Aooooow suffering
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Luana Almeida
I love this ❤️
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eitchaaaa ❤️
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