Tune in Together

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Eu tô rindo mas é desespero

Tô mais perdido que cego em tiroteio

Rodando a cidade

Com medo de voltar pra casa

Olha que fase

No passageiro umas garrafa

E a saudade

Tô enrolando na rua

Bebendo uma por uma

Madrugada com o vidro fechado

Chorando com tudo que toca no rádio

Parei no sinaleiro

Pra esperar o sinal vermelho

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3 Batidas (Ao Vivo)

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My dad with his viola playing this song doesn't want war with anyone. #guilhermeebenuto $3 beats
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My friend just shared this song with me and I'm already addicted to it. Thank you Guilherme and Benuto for this success. #3bats
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Guilherme and Benuto should at the very least alert the dangers of this song to hearts in love, because now I can't help but remember the old love #sofrencia
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this song can't get out of my head! The dance is contagious and the voice of the duo is incredible. I especially like the lyrics, which talk about passion. I always get goosebumps when I listen to
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I didn't connect with the verses, found the melody a bit and the production didn't surprise me
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bro, there's no way! When he plays Flor que se sniffs, Sertanejeiro de and 3 Beats by Guilherme & Benuto, I've been dancing non-stop! You can't stand still with those enveloping beats and lyrics that speak straight to the heart. These guys are too wild, they took care of the sertanejo!
otakeiros_unidos's avatar
the lyrics talk about overcoming a love breakup and moving on, which made me feel hope for better days. The melody is immersive and the harmony of the voices is captivating. I found the music very accessible
larissa_machado's avatar
Man, what a beat! I'm feeling the vibe here, stamping my foot non-stop. The guys' voices mix really well, the verses are really true. fire!
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I loved the energy of the song and the vocal harmony of the duo. The melody is contagious and the lyrics convey joy. The only negative point is that the song could be a little longer
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Brother, I was once so connected in 3 Beats that I ended up dancing alone in the middle of the living room like crazy, my dog looked at me like I was crazy.
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I was listening to this song once and I started dancing like crazy in the middle of the room.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Guilherme & Benuto track? Regarding "3 Beats (Live)," what did you think of the instrumentation and arrangements of the music? Share your opinion and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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Gabriel Nascimento
this one is to drop the top
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