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Sobre o trono

De justiça eternamente haverá um rei

Ele voltará para governar as nações em amor

Que ruja o leão e que a terra estremeça

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Ruja o Leão / Que Se Abram Os Céus

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I think heaven is paradise where everything is good and perfect, very different from the land where we live but it is our punishment.#love
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TikTok Music Brasil
The music by #IsaiasSaad and #NíveaSoares features electric guitar, drums, guitar and keyboard instrumentation. The lyrics focus on the idea that God is strong and can move mountains, and the melody is based on fast-paced rhythm with variations in the chorus. #Ecclesial Review
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Man, I was listening to this song and I got so distracted that I ended up putting the spoon in the jar of butter instead of the sugar one. I laughed so hard at my own!
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glory to god
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This song appeared at the right time, I was distressed but when I heard it it calmed my heart so much! 🧡
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I love that praise very much, thank you sir for that Gift, (Life) ❤️🙏🏻🥰 in the world you will have afflictions, but have good spirits: I have overcome the world. John 16:33
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs do you recommend for those who like Isaias Saad and Nívea Soares? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Isaias Saad is known for his magnificent interpretations of Christian songs, but few people know that he is also a talented and music producer. #Curiosity
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I'm a Christian. I already had a great emptiness in me, which I filled with nothing, until I met Jesus. The emptiness we feel is exactly the size of Him.
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Pastor Isaías Silva
The majesty of the Lion's roar echoes through the vastness of the savannah, reverberating like an ancestral. His voice, laden with power and authority, cuts through the silence of wild nature, instilling fear in the bravest hearts. The roar resounds intensely, rocking the very foundations of the earth, as the Lion's fluttering mane dances to the rhythm of its own wild melody. Every note emanating from this predatory paradise is like a reminder of the supremacy of nature and wildlife.
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beautiful hymn Jehovah Jerih
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Cleber Dias
every day we face our lions
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binha Conceição
who sings this song may the sky open
CURTI who loves God 🤍 Follow us to follow our Christian playlist.
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this song makes me jump with happiness
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amen sir 🙏
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Alessandro Néris de
God is wonderful and True and Alive is!
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Douglas Dias
I love this praise
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