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Já que devolveu minhas roupas

Já que arquivou nossas fotos

Deve ter outra pessoa aposto

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Esqueça-Me Se For Capaz

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Lying, having sex for nothing, not everyone does. Sex for some people goes beyond pleasure... For me, it's not just carnal, you have to have feelings for the person!!
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This song is typical kkk horn song The guy killing 500 women... going to various roles and blabla... But forget me if you can kkkkk
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forget me if you can. I'm sorry, you can't forget a person who was very welcoming, strong in difficult times, who was very brave, wasn't afraid to face your fears, a warrior woman who is you MARÍLIA MENDONÇA!❤️❤️❤️❤️
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eita suffering
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André Luís
At this point in the championship, this trio was supposed to have about 20 pounds to this one.... oooooo longing!
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This is the best song of recent times, Maria my eternal queen. There will never be a better singer. I love you eternally!
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This album from start to finish is perfect, I really loved all the songs, but this one is one of my favorites. This trio is very perfect #HoróscopoSertanejo
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Funny my ex girlfriend sent me this song last week, and I really couldn't forget that kiss hahah #hard
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My love, I came here just to see you! I love you my queen, my feelings for family, friends, team, fans. eternal Queen of Suffering. You were very young, you weren't at the time, but God wanted you to be allowed to do so. What sdds you make me.
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That's it, then I'm with them, forget me if I can because love isn't like that, it has no borders, it renews you and makes you feel homesick.#saudade
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heck, time has flown by. tomorrow is already a month old from her departure, and it looks like he's gone yesterday. I still cry like it was today, the day of her departure
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TikTok Music Brasil
Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa present a duet in "Esqueça-Me Se For Capaz," with an instrumentation that includes guitars and a drums with a smooth rhythm. The lyrics are a farewell statement to a past love, while the melody is marked by soft harmonies and delicate notes. #EditorialReview
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TikTok Music Brasil
Marília Mendonça is known as the "Queen of Suffering" due to her musical style that mixes sertanejo with lyrics that talk about heartbreak and love suffering. She has composed songs for several famous sertanejo artists such as Jorge & Mateus, Cristiano Araújo and Henrique & Juliano. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite song by Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa? Any other artists or bands you would recommend listening to? #Discovering
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If there's one phrase that sounds strange, it's this: Marília Mendonça died. It seems like an invented, lying, unrelated phrase. How I miss seeing her stories, her daily posts, her laughter, her affection for fans, her day. It's strange that you don't see all this anymore...
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my God every year there is a tragedy like this, we still don't have the record. may God comfort the hearts of all the families of the 5 lives that were lost in this tragedy.
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Danilo Oliveira
involved in suffering 😎
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Thalita da silva
Not yet. I believe😢💔
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Chrys lemos
I love this song
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I still can't believe 💔😢
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