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I believe in the wonder

I believe this new love took in

Like a god that i'm under

It just drugs running through my veins

I believe in the wonder

I believe i can touch the flame

There's a spell that i'm under

Got to fly i don't feel no shame

The world is mine mine mine mine

The world is mine

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The World Is Mine

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Ana Vitória de Melo's avatar
Ana Vitória de Melo
I love this song! The lyrics are super interesting and the rhythm is well lit. I have already recommended them to all my friends. 🎶❤️
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Lara de Avila's avatar
Lara de Avila
This song is the best, wey! I love the rhythm and the lyrics have a very cool touch. I've already shared it with all my compas.
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Jessica Flores
I love the lyrics and it never stops being on my playlist. I love this song and I shared it with all my friends.
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