Tune in Together

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Todo mundo todo mundo todo mundo vê

Eu só queria que você soubesse (todo mundo todo mundo todo mundo vê)

Que todo minha mudança é genuína (todo mundo)

Genuinamente por você

Dizem que eu ando bem melhor depois que eu terminei

Todo mundo consegue enxergar o quanto eu melhorei

Engraçado ver eles pensando que eu te superei

Mesmo entendendo que o problema nunca foi você

Se não tivesse ido eu não ia me resolver

Tava confortável né

E ninguém aprende assim

Aprendi mas cadê você pra me aplaudir

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giovanna.ferreira's avatar
Only I found it too humiliating? a lot of lack of self-love. let's love each other first. Fuck the rest. May every effort and change be for our well-being. 😜
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_thaisdosSantos's avatar
there are days when we wake up and start listening to her songs and don't want to stop anymore, nobody is able to forget you queen of suffering😢
rodrigoCosta's avatar
Yesterday when I received this news I almost got sick, my heart went a thousand per hour, rest in peace our QUEEN 👑, q God of strength for family, friends and fans, I'm not believing that.
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Manu_😺's avatar
I cracked up as I listened
Diones Fernandes's avatar
Diones Fernandes
1 minute silence by Marília Mendonça....😔😔😔🙏🙏🙏
Pedro_Hen.PH's avatar
Marília left a huge legacy here in Brazil. She always proved to be kind, heart of gold, faithful to God and always made deep and meaningful songs. The best suffering singer in Brazil. So far I miss you, Marília. Thank you for everything. Rest in the arms of the lord
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ricardo.silveira's avatar
I didn't even accompany her, but like...she is a name in Brazil! I already heard her song, and when I heard her voice for the first time, I thought it was amazing! she had such a beautiful voice...she was at the best time of her life...with a child, family...💔
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Matheus.Costa.cc's avatar
Marília, doesn't want to see us cry. she wants us to continue loving, valuing us, to be better every day.
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MarianaLima's avatar
Marília came into the world to teach us how to love, to show us the true meaning of friendship, kindness and gratitude. She is enlightened, a fantastic being who made the whole world feel a single feeling, who showed us how sensitive we are
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AndersonR's avatar
my dream was to go to the Marília Mendonça show! the record doesn't drop that you left us, every time I hear your music I cry, I think not only me, the whole of Brazil 💔just miss you 😭
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luuucasoliveira's avatar
Really this woman's voice was a unique identity, every time I hear some music I come to the same conclusion. The queen of suffering will always be in everyone's memories #soufã #marilamendoça
ThiagoAlves_98's avatar
My God we had an angel on earth! I'm on the ground not for the artist, but for the mother, for the daughter, for the amazing princess step that she was!😭😭😭😭😭💔
Vanessa.Pereira's avatar
tell me... are you also destroying this one like you did to me or was I special? - joking about being the favorite.
Giovanna.Lima's avatar
I still can't believe it, my happiness when my daughter, who was 6 years old at the time, managed to go on stage with this queen. her happiness and emotion are priceless. eternal marriage
rafael.santanaSP's avatar
i love only fan number 1 it's really people have some who only pretend who likes her just because she left but i learned who she will live in my heart and i think who of you too
ottoreding's avatar
"If everyone saw why you haven't seen it, all this effort I'm making to make you feel proud" From:I To: My mother
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bluedark655's avatar
Her mission has been fulfilled. God so authorized... Follow your path of light there on spiritual planes. Loved by all of us!!🙏❤
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shanslife2's avatar
her songs that helped me face a lot in the very difficult moment I went through, amar listens to her songs every day. but today she is in a good place and left amazing music for us remembering her.. rests Marília
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marcos.rodrigues's avatar
Am I the only one who didn't accept and doesn't believe in her death? I'm like "IT'S MARY! WE CAN'T HAVE DIED IN THAT ACCIDENT!" n the chip knows....
JulianaLopeS2's avatar
When I listen to this song, I missed it because Marília was perfect, an exceptional singer for suffering. #kiss
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