Tune in Together

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Provavelmente mais tarde a rua truva

Nave encerada e jontex no porta luva

Se vim de marra eu vou mandar descer do salto

Vai beijar minha boca e ter que acender meu carlton

Respeita o brabo

Aí parceiro

Hoje esse grave vai tremer minha saveiro

Vou dar trabalho até de manhã

Fumê que esconde olhar maloqueiro

Aonde paro as dona vira fã

Hoje é só grave e uísque nessa chola

Carro na garagem é sem risco pra detran

Tá inflamado logo os polícia cola

Quando virar as costas eu vou aumentar o som

Hoje é só grave

Uísque uísque e grave

Só grave uísque uísque

Hoje é só grave

Uísque uísque e grave

Só grave uísque uísque

Eu tô precisando mais disso viver sem compromisso

Fazer mais dinheiro pra sustentar o meu vício

E ocupar aquele espaço com dez par de meia nove

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Every song I discover from the studio the production gets and more elaborate. Trap, hip hop, boombap beats, which come here with a well-marked bass and don't leave anyone standing still, do they?
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This song brings me a very strong energy, especially for those who are dreamers and always want to chase their goals 🙏. Maximum respect for the #lovethissong
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He's probably the best national rapper in my opinion. I find it really cool how he incorporates some electronic beats, some dub and trap stuff, even though this song is older.
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Scott, O Adestrador
hey you who are reading can you give me just a like and a comment ? i don't need a lot not just a little bit so i can come back repeatedly without having to pay premium (i'm poor)kkkkkkk
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"It's inflamed soon the police glue / When I turn my back I'll turn up the sound" Once I was in traffic and I passed by the police with loud rap and they went and stopped me but it was still good that it was #smooth.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Inspired by rap songs from the United States, #HungriaHipHop composed audio with a heavy beat, strong beats and high bass. The lyrics of the song talk about internal struggles and difficulties that the artist faced. The melody, on the other hand, is marked by simplicity and easy-to-remember choruses. #Reviewal
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the bass of this song is really shivering, sealed...or headphones on the bus 🎧🎧🎧
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I was listening to this song on the phone in the street and I started dancing by accident. Then people kept looking at me like I was crazy lol.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hip Hop is known for his lyrics that portray life on the of Brazil, with a critical and reflective tone. He is also one of the most popular rap artists in the country, with millions of views on his songs. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
Ever heard of the Periphery Tribe? They have a flow similar to that of Hip Hop. #Discovering
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this one and the old brabas too slc
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I listened to this one a lot with my uncle 😉
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🇱 🇺 🇦 🇳 🇦
neighbor hj doesn't sleep
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Duda do cr
I probably
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too many
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I love being 🎶 music with me in the Ipiranga neighborhood 🤪❤
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I didn't like it, asmei
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hungary and another level 😎
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