Tune in Together

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Não há felicidade que dure para sempre

Nem mal que não se acabe

Se o dia amanhece nublado

A gente sempre espera o sol da tarde

O momento é de perguntas

De dúvidas e queixas

De medo e insegurança

Mas abasteça se de fé

Acredite que deus é

Sua força e esperança

É difícil é complicado

Olhar pra todo lado

E não ver solução

Mas se você tá respirando

Continue acreditando

E não se entrega não

Vai passar acredite vai passar

Chore se for preciso

E acredite vai passar

Vai passar acredite vai passar

Por favor insista

Não desista vai passar

Vai passar acredite vai passar

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I've repeated this song about three times now, I'm addicted! What a beautiful and calm song to listen to and calm your heart, beautiful! #believe #will pass
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How could I not like a song like that, with all these weighty sertaneja doubles together. I'm everyone's fan and for sure this one will serve as an improvement every day 👏👏 #lovethissong
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What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song "Believe! Going to Pass"? Have you already included this song on your playlist or want to include it? Share your opinion and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 🎶
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I was listening to this song and my dog started dancing like people, then I realized that he had his eye on my Malandro snack!
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This song is a heritage!! Many feelings involved, you can see that it was sung and written with a lot of love, that nowadays is very difficult!! #beautiful thing to see
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Janaina Macieira
It will pass, believe it will pass 🙏❣️
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just believe 🙏🎶👌
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anne_tha84 🦋
I believe it will pass I know that the best will come perfect music and a strong reflection for all of us.
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anne_tha84 🦋
people how beautiful how manyties together " we are not going to play with God everything is fine 🙌🏻 🔐🦋💎🎶💯🙏👏
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Gilvan Andrade
beautiful song congratulations everyone
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Divonei Arnauts
this type of music shows a form of motivation that all passes just by believing 🙏 in the father
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