Tune in Together

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Está chateada que a magoei

Decepcionada e triste

Mas diz que aí no seu peito

Chorei feito um louco, mas mereci

Do nada te fiz sofrer

Deus sabe que eu não viveria

Sem você

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This is the kind of feat that is any respect pagoda man's dream, now it has come true! this combination could only work in this beautiful song. #pagode
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Bro, I was enjoying this stop here and suddenly my mother enters the room and is scared by the loud sound I almost got angry but it was worth the emotion.
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It was impossible for this song to go bad. Just pagoda giant singing along. I really wanted an agr pagoda to listen to this one;-;
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it made me feel sadness and for good times I've lived through. The lyrics are simple, but the melody calms me and warms my heart
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I was on the bus when he started playing this song and I farted. It was just an embarrassment, but I kept pretending that nothing had happened
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I loved the lyrics and the dance lively, but found the melody a bit. Great for dancing, but not my favorite on the album
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the instrumentation of "Complicated (Live)" by Akatu, Grupo Revelação, Vitinho? Did any particular lyrics catch your attention? Share your opinion and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica! 💭
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we have to cry yes if it hurt us we have to cry it even seems that only we will suffer i think.#kkkkk😆😆
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Vitinho as always, never disappoints!! #vibe
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Paulo Sergio Batista
this song is very special, I won't name names!
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what beautiful music 😍❤️❤️😍
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Ivan Vilela
my impression or there's a fight on the show at the beginning of msc kkkk
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I love 😍💞
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Danillo Ambrosano
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