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Está dañada del amor

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Está Dañada

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Agustin Valdez's avatar
Agustin Valdez
Very good music
Vitor Battaglia's avatar
Vitor Battaglia
puts me in a good mood all day long!
Joan Maldonado's avatar
Joan Maldonado
What a great atmosphere
Daniel Avelar's avatar
Daniel Avelar
It puts me in a good mood!
Raúl Ruíz's avatar
Raúl Ruíz
put me in a good mood!
Juan Carlos Chavez's avatar
Juan Carlos Chavez
makes me feel sad, but in a comforting way.
Samuel Campos's avatar
Samuel Campos
The lyrics are very touching
Pablo Gutierrez's avatar
Pablo Gutierrez
It makes me feel things! I love and sing at the top of my lungs!
Davi Lucca Barreto's avatar
Davi Lucca Barreto
I love it, I'm listening to it on loop.
Oliver Bozi's avatar
Oliver Bozi
This tropical rhythm transports me to an exotic and warm place, where I can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze.
Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
It's damaged is a bop. The energy that the song transmits is incredible and the lyrics are very catchy, definitely one of my favorites of the moment.
Harold Criador de Chimpancés's avatar
Harold Criador de Chimpancés
I'm still waiting for you ALX ❤️‍🩹 I hope you are well I hope to see you soon.
Lucas Navarro's avatar
Lucas Navarro
I can't stop moving my body when I hear it. The lyrics have flow and the beat is well on.
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