Tune in Together

Quer Voar's poster image

Passa o Bic

Põe no ar

Minha bitch

Quer voar

Botei no sport pro escapamento estralar

Troquei o Corsa num Porsche, quem tava lá? Queimando gasolina

Famoso comedor de prima

Sexo encanta, sorriso me hipnotiza

Sempre quis f**r a sua brisa

E ela diz f**e, f**e

Lambe, lambe, mete bem

Nunca vi tempo ruim, chupada dentro da Benz

Eu sou um sujeito ruim

Não dou moral pra ninguém

Quer um troco?

Tira esse roupão e me entretém

Balança, bonita

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Quer Voar

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kkkkkk I watched an ad of this msc for me when I was showing a video to my grandma, and as soon as I couldn't skip the " cousin eater" part appeared my grandma gave me a mortal look at me kkkkkkk
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I don't know what to say, sensational fucking hit, dmais gum, Tuê rocked too much, I think it's shit when they say: " oh but the time to listen to Matue is over" every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour it's time to listen to The Incredible Tuêzinho. good luck and MT fame for your brother!!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Matuê once worked as a salesman in a shopping mall's clothing store before turning to a music career. #Curiosity
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@tue tue e fods
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Matuê presents the song "Quer Voar" with a minimalist trap production and lyrics that address the search for freedom and personal overcoming. The artist's unmistakable voice stands out for the fluidity and rhythmicity of the rap's vocal identity. The chorus is and easy to memorize and accompanied by a simple but powerful dance . #Reviewal
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What a perfect song man!! I loved trends with this song, they were DMS! And when it's house cleaning day, this song commands the place!!
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So I thought it looks like the ace on the cover?
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you already know the rapper Flo Milli? She has a style similar to Matuê, with heavy beats and powerful lyrics. #Discovering
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When this song ended, I made a point of introducing it to all my partners. We listen to it on looping all day without pause kkkkkk #momentos
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stay away from my cousin
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matuê only the brabas
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Kayck Silva
I like the otaku version more, but this one is not behind 😌👌
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ᅠ não
people that's not good no this is from satan please don't do this to your souls amem
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ᅠ não
but where are you from
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top 👏
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best music
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very good
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