Tune in Together

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Pegada de vaqueiro

Bora Tarcisio

Bora João Gomes

E o Vaqueiro diferente dos igual

Onde é que cê tá?

Fala pra mim

Se vai rolar, que eu tô a fim

Sei que já é tarde, rodei a cidade

Mas você insiste em se esconder, eh

Responde essa mensagem, isso é maldade

Quero ficar com você, eh e ai

Quando lembrar da gente no quarto tirando a roupa

Aí cê vai querer o meu beijo na boca

Do nada, cê me liga pra fazer aquelas coisas

Sabe que o vaqueiro é quem te deixa louca

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Aquelas Coisas

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João Gomes is a lot of cat but he likes a brunette, what a pity that I'm only a brunette kkkkk bora João Gomes not knowing what he's missing kkk 😍😍😇
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Listening to João Gomes= making scenes that haven't happened yet, but in people's minds the treemmm is completely perfect! even the way the Nordestino grabs me. 🏇🏼💘🤒
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I had the pleasure of going to João's show here in Floripa, his voice personally is as incredible as in the songs.
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João Gomes already ends my heart's voice and his lyrics, then he joins Tacísio from Acordeon. Am I a joke to you João Gomes ? 🤡 #JoaoGomes #TarcisioAcordeon
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Have you heard the song "Aquelas" by #JoãoGomes and #TarcísioDoAcordeon? What is your opinion about the lyrics and dance? Have you added them to your playlist yet? Share your opinion in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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hand !!! joão gomes is wonderfully beautiful!!! # His songs are top of over came soft mouse!!!!😍😍😘
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João Gomes is the king of piseiro next to Tarcísio, this song was perfect with the two of them singing, the only thing missing was the brunette to dance to this song
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What a hero!!! Two beasts in one song... In addition to doing several very good songs, he still hits the feat! #good
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"Out of nowhere you call me to do those things." Gtn what are those things he talks about so much??? 🤔🤔🤔👼👼👼
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D Marina Gavinho
fucking egg comes the horn doi
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✨🦋This duo together is a blast of. My ears thank you for listening to an MSC TOO MUCH 👏💃🏻🎶💃🏻✨🦋 🎶💃🏻VAGUEIRO STICK THAT MAKES YOU CRAZY🎶💃🏻
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the voice of this blessed one there is very top beautiful too much when God gives a gift to the right and very wonderful person only God bless you greatly your journey of success amém 9
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Elisa Cristina
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that six two are good singing is crazy .create this music: she doesn't care about me
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I'm warning you this song is good
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The great poet Galvão Bueno already said: Segura crosses the heart ahaha
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Rafael Douglas
top i like it a lot
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