Tune in Together

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O que olho não viu nem ouvido ouviu

É o que Deus tem preparado pra você

O que não chegou ao coração do homem

Segredos que não foram revelados

É o que Deus tem preparado

Pra você!

O que Deus fez até aqui

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"You don't imagine what God will do" Thank God!!! That was all I needed to hear right now, because this moment is very difficult! #WaitingInYou
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The Lord has a glorious future prepared for each of us !! What a letter my God, what praise I totally freaked out here listening is as if God was speaking personally #God
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"What has not reached the heart of man, secrets that have not been revealed, is what God has prepared for you" He will always know what we need long before ourselves, is to trust His plans!
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This song makes me feel like I'm driving down the boundless road Every time I listen, I remember a road trip with friends Top too! 🚗
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very wonderful! Thanks to dance, sings about feeling, which always grabs my heart
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An@ P@ul@
I feel the tremendous presence of the Holy Spirit in this song, O glories to God
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I don't live by sight, I live by faith ✝️❤️‍🔥
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eita glory you have prepared many blessings just believe
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Edson Santos
glory to god
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This praise warms the heart 🥹😍
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Cleanes Rodrigues795
#faith #gratitude
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Carlos Roberto
groria wonderful god
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glory to God 🙏🙌 wonder of the best day my brother ❤️
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Everton Santos
my god what a strong praise 😢
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