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God damn yeah

She know what she try to do

I know it's good for you baby

That's why i be nice to you

Can't get my mind off you yeah

She know what she want bro

Backstage pick her out the front row

Backstage she ain't tryin' to suck tho

Nowadays life so cutthroat f**k no

All i ever wanted is a bad ass b**h

I ain't even lookin' if she ever rich

Like nah but shawty like f**k

Took a few pills and we both say hah

Now we like pah she ain't ever dry

Got new sheets and we both know why

Met last week but the feels won't die

She a lil' freak tho i ain't gon' lie

Tryna hit it 'cause i tied my namе

Not a step i skip i ain't never had shit

Madе a living out of god's damn gifts

Now my lifestyle switch got a table at the

Cover to my b**h know that i'm rich

She ain't got no wrist shawty tell 'em what it is

I be on point i be better with the biz

She don't wanna run get up with the

That's a life yeah

And she just wanna pull up for the night yeah

Ignited the fire

God damn yeah

She know what she try to do

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Medusa (The FifthGuys Remix)

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Ari Khalifa
2scratch never let down
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that's all
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Andreas (力言)
I loved this song, I was curious to know the translation and I liked the cover of the song and the name, it makes me even more curious to find out the name, very good 🛐
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