Tune in Together

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Dj ivis e barões da pisadinha

Barões da pisadinha e dj ivis

Já sabe que que é hit


Sabe por que não saio da tua mente

É que na cama eu faço diferente

Por isso tu não consegue me largar

Com ele só faz amorzinho meia boca

Comigo é love doido a noite toda

Vai embora querendo ficar

Tu gosta mesmo é do perigo de me encontrar

Assume logo que eu sou o probleminha

Que tu não quer resolver

Sou eu que faço gostosinho com você

Sou eu que faço gostosinho com você

Assume logo que eu sou o probleminha

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He has to get stuck yes, but he can't stop recording no, there's how to get a little key for him in jail, the guy is fucking
rodrigommmartins's avatar
I would say he was no good if he had hit her once and she had let go, but that's not the case, woman who gets caught and stays with the guy because she just thinks she deserves to be beaten....
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I was listening to this song when my dog started howling with me and we formed a band. I think the audience was just made up of angry neighbors.
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TikTok Music Brasil
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Sometimes we have several problems that we don't want to solve in life but do what we have to solve because otherwise it will be detrimental later. #kkkkkk
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I know you missed Dj ivis, but that doesn't detract from the talent you have. Pay for your mistake and learn from it, and go back to success it awaits you, that's us 😎
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Gelciene Portoo
uhuuuu the guys and setting them on fire
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Nyck filme & Série TV
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Luciana Santos
too good😍😍😍
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Flaviano Dias Flávio
the guy is top independent of what he did, one of the best for me, I don't judge
Flaviano Dias Flávio's avatar
Flaviano Dias Flávio
I divide those who don't like his songs, he made a mistake, he will pay and come back, renew, have my support
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DJ Ivis has already learned that you don't hit a woman, it's time for him to make more hits.
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khote khote khote khote
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Cassia Cristina Pire
I play him for the songs That are good the rest is his problem (I can't even handle my life I will take care of others)
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Eduardo Lino
if there's a DJ putting hit even stuck has like😂
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Natan Melo710
another success by the barons 👌🔥
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Natan Melo710
if you have dj lvis and hit 🔥🔥🔥
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Andriele Rodriguês
puts worse than the songs are tops.... had everything else is very stupid 😪😪😪😪
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