Tune in Together

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Caça níquel,e pra cantar comigo eu convido

Thiago Jhonathan

Vai TJ

Deixa comigo Brisa Star

Trio caça níquel, Thiago Jhonathan

Junto e misturado

Nosso som é massa e você vai gostar

Piseiro tá rolando e não pode parar

Festa na roça é assim

Segura minha mão que você roda pra mim

Cê dança assim comigo

Vem de ladinho que eu te ensino

Baila comigo pra valer

Só eu e você(Vai dança assim pra mim)

Se joga no passinho

Vamos juntos chamegar

O piseiro vai bombar

Full lyrics

Se Joga no Passinho

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Messias Jr
Live each moment as if it were your last, because in life there are no returns, only Memories! "Life is not brief. He is enough. We and we waste time on useless things."
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TikTok Music
The song "Se Joga no Passinho" has an instrumentation mixing forró beats, pisadinha and electronic elements. The lyrics talk about dancing and having fun. The melody is marked by a simple and captivating chorus. The voice of Brisa Star and TJ alternate in the verses and there is a stretch sung by a children's choir. In general, the music has an infectious energy and is ideal for dancing. #Reviewal
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Ana Luiza Rodrigues
nice music
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Can you recommend some other artists or bands with a similar sound? #Discovering Share your recommendations in the comments below!
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TikTok Music
Brisa Star is a Brazilian pop singer known for songs like "Como Eu quiero," "Prometi" and "Se Joga no Passinho." #Curiosity
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Danilo Oliveira
That hour 😎😎
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Curso Gourmet Master
linda music
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João Luis lopes dos santos
perfect I'm in love with this song#
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Menddes Araújo,Deus é tudo.
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Ana Luiza Rodrigues
Your stat breeze fan
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Super homem
good music!
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Lucivania Carvalho da Silva
I liked
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came for the tik tok
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Patricia Dias
I love this song...
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Breno Amarante
guys this song is very beautiful for little comment
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Vitor Torres
I love this boutique
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Dri Correa459
top top music 👏
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Addicted already was 😅🎶🎶
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Forró Boys kkkkk go look it up on YouTube, you'll like it kkkkk
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