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Chora bebezinho

Mais que cara de p**u

Eu tô achando que você não é normal

E depois do que fez

Ainda tem coragem de vir aqui outra vez

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Chora Bebezinho (Remix)

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DJ Lucas Beat improves the songs by 200%. The idea of leaving Paulinha's voice in the pre-chorus with that vacuum sound was very sensible #DJLucasBeat #PaulaGuilherme #FunkRemix
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I love that in Lucas Beat songs there is always a deep voice reinforcing the beats of the song #grave #musicaboa
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It's no use you speaking English or using it in the translator, because I'm not writing anything that can change your life!
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People! Funknejo really ended this year, right? I thought I was the only addict to this musical genre now!
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I think this song is the face of those graduation trips by Forma Turismo, that the entertainers are dancing by the pool kkkkkkk has anyone here ever been on these trips?
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amazing, it has a vibe that makes me travel completely! The lyrics are super deep and the dance is unforgettable I love it too much! 🎶🤘
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Wow, this song is right to liven up any party! I remember dancing so much that I was all sore the next day I love the rhythm and the sticky lyrics
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saying "DJ Lucas Beat" has already become a war cry. Sometimes the remix isn't even his and I talk anyway kkkkkkkk anyone else?
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João Silva766
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Jeane Cardoso da sil
I loved this song
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Anonymous User
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Anonymous User
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how do i download to mobile
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Josivan soares
Look at the cup of coffee only 1 like _/} (. _.) *will you like a cup of coffee? * (>☕
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Franci Freitas
mt good👏👏👏😍😍😍
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Luis Claudio Reze581
you write funk well
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Sanndro Sillva
this song is so much i loved it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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fax a pix ai🙄
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