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I've been posing with red skies

Retweeting picket signs

Put my name on petitions but I won't change my mind

I'm keeping up appearances

The dark side of my privilege

D**n thank God I've got my vice

The dopamine tuition will keep me wrong from right

But I don't like when my better side takes hold of me

I didn't want you to know

Man I guess I was scared

Feet don't fail me now

I got to stand my ground

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Feet Don't Fail Me Now

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hell, amazing! Joy Crookes' voice is so immersive and smooth, it makes me want to close my eyes and sway along with the rhythm. The lyrics are poetic and deep, and convey a powerful message about moving forward despite the difficulties. I love hearing Feet Don't Fail Me Now directing
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sensational! The beats are so crazy I can't stop nodding my head. Not to mention the lyrics are so real it feels like Joy Crookes wrote them for me. The vibe is so hot that I can hear this track a thousand times and never get tired of it again.
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This song has a nice rhythm, but I wasn't that excited. I thought it lacked depth in the lyrics and Joy Crookes' voice didn't captivate me that much. Maybe I need to listen more often to change my mind, but for now, it's not my favorite. But everyone has a taste, right? 🤷🏽‍♀️
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I remember Fifa
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fifa 22 ddds
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Joy Crookes is just! Her vocals are amazing and the lyrics are super deep. The dance is wonderful, it makes me want to dance non-stop. It's like she's singing about life and how we need to enjoy every moment. I just love this song, it's one of my favorites!
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Maria Liz de Deus
This song has very deep and existential lyrics that make me reflect on life and death. It is a song that makes you think
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TikTok Music Latin
What do you think of "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" by Joy Crookes? Do you think the instrumentation fits the lyrics well? Share your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery. 💬
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steve’s keyboard
feelin' groovy, joy is my new bae 😍💃🎧
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"Feet Don't Fail Me Now" is a beautifully executed soulful ballad by Joy Crookes. Her smooth vocals are complemented by soft piano chords and a gentle drum beat. The lyrics depict the fear of losing someone while trying to navigate the ups and downs of a relationship. It's a relatable and heartfelt song that speaks to the vulnerability we all feel in love. #BehindtheMusic
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Sara Sánchez
What a cool song! I love its energy and how it makes your body move, it's definitely one of my favorites for the holidays.
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rato asmatico
I just remember FIFA 22
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ㅤryan77ㅤ ूाीू
fifa 22😻
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Jose Moura3962
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FIFA Mobile What to Play
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FIFA 22❤️
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FIFA mobile ❤️
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great song 😞😪
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