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Traigo la muñeca bien repleta de diamantes

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Natanael Cano became famous thanks to his synthesized corridos songs, but in "Diamantes" he delves into the rap genre. The song has been a hit in Mexico, USA and Latin America, consolidating Cano as one of the most popular artists of the moment. #Fact
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es is a song that talks about the success and richness Natanael has achieved with his music, and that compares it to the diamonds he wears in his jewelry. The song has a trap beat and synthesized lyrics. #Facts
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reminds me of someone 🙁
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#NatanaelCano is the singer and songwriter of the song "Diamantes." The lyrics deal with fame and success. The melody is of the trap corridos genre and the instrumentation features a guitar, bass and synthesizers. The song has a slow beat and Cano's vocals are emotional #Review.
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TikTok Music Latin
What is your favorite regional Mexican style music artist #Discovery.
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Manuela Castro
es is a little rolita that makes me feel like I'm in an action movie. The rhymes are hard and the beat is heavy, I like it.
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Arturo Fernández
I don't like this song very much, it sounds boring and doesn't transmit anything to me. I pass on the diamonds, I prefer another kind of music.
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my mother does not suffer and now she looks different, she does not care because there is no more earring, I will not stop until I sing that part to my little boss. 🫡🥹
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