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Tá chorando por quê

Se você tem um Deus

Que cuida de você

E jamais te esqueceu

Ele sabe de tudo

Que você tá passando

E mandou te dizer

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Tá Chorando Por Quê?

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We don't need to know each other to pray. May God come with arrangements in your life!! Stay at peace and believe, everything will pass!!
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Ton Carfi has a very unique voice of God's love, his gift is amazing and so nice to hear, the presence is clear <3 #God #love
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This song made me cry here now... I had an experience with God that is tremendous in my life... I got into a coma for which 2 months... But hj I'm standing... Thank you to my God and my Lord Jesus Christ... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🙌🙌...
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wherever you are, whatever you are going through, God knows your needs, your pains and your weaknesses, have faith... I have an activated faith, it hurts, but I'm in faith, I'm running out of money, but I'm in faith, I'm in faith, but I'm in faith
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"He knows everything you're going through" God, he really knows everything that's going on and every tear that falls from my eyes he'll wipe away and comfort me #love #fe
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trust in God and the key to success in his life and trust must be strengthened in the most difficult moments in tears, when nothing is right, we always need to trust and we show confidence passing through the desert trusting whenever at the end of this desert there will be victory
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I asked for a sign from God when I opened the app and he spoke to me with the lyrics of the first song I played in the daily mix. I believe that by prayer and the word God speaks and consoles us. He had mercy on me and gave me this sign. I thank you my God.
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grace and peace to all my brothers ? the LORD and Help very present in the hour of anguish! that the word of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, if he fulfills in our lives do you receive that word?
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The fruit of the Spirit refers to the characteristics we should express as sons and daughters of God. These characteristics prove the nature of Him within us. As a Christian, you must be caring, kind, patient, generous, good, faithful, patient,.
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God is faithful...sometimes I don't understand what's happening to me...but I want to be in His plans in mine... it's not easy..but God is great.....
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When I was pqn my mother came to me and asked BRABA "ARE YOU CRYING WHY??" I just 😶
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Erivaldo Santos Frei
I have a God but I think God forgot me. I'm thinking of taking my own life.
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Flávio Santos
very good even glory to God
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Lara Sophia portela Diogo 5° B
I threw. No. my. favorite
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Lara Sophia portela Diogo 5° B
I loved. until. I sang. from. Tam. beautiful. and God. Christ. I loved
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too beautiful, i needed to hear these beautiful words
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amem 🙌🙏
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Willian Bomfim
amem 🙏🙏
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Vanusa Araujo533
It's so hard 🥺
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