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Puxando lança no barco cheio de p**a

A tropa avança navega ali por angra

E de marola passei numa linda ilha

E de cidade, cidade espalha a fama

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Puxando Lança No Barco Cheio De Piranha

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What did you think of the instrumentation of "Puxando Lança No Barco Full Of Claw (Live)" by MC Kevin or Chris, Mc Poze do Rodo? Which lyrics caught your attention the most? Share your opinion and let's discover new songs together! #Discovering! 💬
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too much D+++ 🤟☯️3️⃣
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Pereira Nunes
spear is a boring thing bro... and another one, I've seen 2 people die in front of me using a spear, fell to the ground and there was a blackout
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Pereira Nunes
Boredom song, will embody positive energy and not dr0ga
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