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Music is what i'm living for

Everybody loves to dance

With another summer romance uh baby

Everybody likes to move

All the fellows having the groove uh baby

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I remember listening to this song with my aunt, I'm sure this song marked the era of many here #years90 #nostalgia
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These parents of mine that introduced me, still made me dance that even they didn't dance at the time haha I love songs from the 80s and 90s, that's everything #adorooo
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TikTok Music Latin
How did you like the song "EVERYBODY" by #DJBobo? Do you like the mix of instruments with the rhythm of the song? I want to know what you thought! Share your thoughts in the comments and join #Discovery.
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this one I really love to dance.
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Paulo cesar cesario gomes evan
very top this song 🎷🎷
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you like DJ Bobo's Everybody dancing dance ? #Discovering
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... songs that marked my life and that bring back great memories.
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I remember I had a FITA from this group, not my father 🤣 loved this song anymore 😍 even hj can't help but listen and remember my father's blue Opala and the tape of the song only needs a big pen, to go back to the whole tape. moments of happiness #ressso
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Deni Benites
my dance season was very cool
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Barbearia Navalha
very good
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I remember my adolescence
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Rodrigo Almeida
this song is top danced a lot she
nilsonvedoveli239's avatar
caraca mano show top 👏😁😂
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uh babyyyyyy
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Top music, dance and it's also remarkable.🤩🕺💃🍻
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Ozailda Ferreira Fer
good weather, just a lot of love
🧚💦lamdim veiga veiga💦🧚's avatar
🧚💦lamdim veiga veiga💦🧚
I miss something I can't have##❣️
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I love this song 🎶💗💗💗💗
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