Tune in Together

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Traigo huevos

Y son más que los trae una cartera

Pa' pegarnos en la madre donde quiera

Con el equipo que yo traigo aquí se sienta

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El Bélico

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What do you think of the instrumentation of "El Bélico" by #ElFantasma? Do you think the combination of accordion and guitar gives a distinctive touch to the song? Share your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery.
Gregorio Alanis's avatar
Gregorio Alanis
I love how it makes me feel relaxed
Alice Carcalho's avatar
Alice Carcalho
is perfect for listening while you're in the office
Adriana Monroy's avatar
Adriana Monroy
is perfect for listening while driving
José Miguel Calmon's avatar
José Miguel Calmon
I love the way it makes me happy
Paul Dominguez's avatar
Paul Dominguez
I just love it so much
Teresa Manrique's avatar
Teresa Manrique
has a great vibe
Rubí Figueroa's avatar
Rubí Figueroa
I love it because it makes me feel nostalgic
Emilio Sandoval's avatar
Emilio Sandoval
I like music, but I'm not convinced by the lyrics.
Francisco Bravo's avatar
Francisco Bravo
not my style, but I recognize it as good.
Davi Miguel Calixto's avatar
Davi Miguel Calixto
One of the best songs I've ever heard
Pedro Lucas Calliman's avatar
Pedro Lucas Calliman
I love the melody
Ramón Suárez's avatar
Ramón Suárez
Makes me want to run out and do something cool.
Marc Delgado's avatar
Marc Delgado
I like it, but it is not one of my favorites.
Fernando Hernández's avatar
Fernando Hernández
always brings out the best in me
Andrea Soto's avatar
Andrea Soto
The handwriting is quite superficial
Isabella Cerqueira's avatar
Isabella Cerqueira
is perfect for listening while studying
Juan Ignacio Mejía's avatar
Juan Ignacio Mejía
I love how it makes me feel inspired
Concepcion Marin's avatar
Concepcion Marin
It's a crazy song, it makes me dance! I love how the warlike puts a lot of energy into the song, he's a rolón for sure. 🎶💃🏻
miki flow's avatar
miki flow
good rhyme and good son
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