Tune in Together

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Pensava em você

Vivia você

Amava você

Era só você e eu

O nosso amor particular

O nosso jeito de amar

O tempo passou

O mundo girou

O sonho acabou

Você me deixou, uow

Mal sabe o quanto eu chorei

E agora que eu superei

E aí me liga

E me pergunta como eu 'to

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Ainda Tô Aí

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Eduardo Costa is one of the artists my mother most likes to hear on a daily basis. She's just waiting for the opportunity to go do something to turn on the sound haha #musica
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this is that sertanejo that always reminds you of a person and fills your heart with emotion, eduardo costa is a master at that, he always commands very well ! 1 #sertanejo
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there's no way not to like Eduardo Costa he makes incredible songs that touch our hearts and even make us want to love again.#perfect
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Ângela alves
I love
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my music, kkkkkkk, so now it's late, someone gave birth to a feeling so strong that I don't even think about looking back anymore!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hi, music lover! Have you ever heard the song "Ainda Tô Aí (Ao Vivo)" by Eduardo Costa? What is your opinion about the instrumentation of this song? And do you have any of her favorite lyrics? Share your opinion in the comments below and let's find out more about this amazing song together! #Discovering 💬
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Bro, I was listening to this here and I started singing along all excited! I just forgot I was in the video call from the company Vergonha defines🤦‍♀️
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When we're almost getting over the person, they come and rub it in our face that we're not even close to really getting over them, but when I finally forget the person, there's no use asking them to come back either!
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this song and a stab in the heart 💘🥹🥹💔
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I'm going to have some ice cream right now 😁
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this one is the good one
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Ester Oliveira 🦋
Wound that didn't hurt...well that!💘🎶🎶💘
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single also suffers😃
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Dirla Bueno 💕
🥰🥰vixe bursts heart 🤟❤️
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one of my favorites from Eduardo
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nice top music
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Marlice Souza
Passionate about this song ❤️
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*Vandyson Silva*
very beautiful 💞
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very beautiful this song
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