Tune in Together

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Só porque caiu

Não é motivo pra você desanimar

Todo ser humano um dia pode errar

A diferença é quem escolhe se levantar

Olha só você

Achando que já perdeu o seu valor

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Você é Precioso

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brantwomack909's avatar
Thank God he was always with me at the most difficult time, when I looked for someone to talk to and I felt alone, he was there to console me and heal my heart that was hurt, I only gave love and I only had sadness and. #sadness #illusion #pheemde 🙇🏾‍♀️
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I had everything anyone could want the most respected guy the worst drug dealer in the state plus I chose to follow god make his word if I kept my prayers for his people hahaha
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Felipe_Oliveira's avatar
Brazil really loves Bruna Karla! She sings with her soul... she manages to convey emotion in every sentence. Others have beautiful music, but Bruna flaunts us and always surpasses herself in her interpretations. She is too much!
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IgorPereira.96's avatar
wonder, I heard this song exactly when I needed it, it's GOD using people to give his voice!!! Glory to God!!!
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luuucasoliveira's avatar
Just listening to this music awakened a faith in me that I didn't know I had, sometimes what we need is to reconnect a little with God #faith
Giovanna.Lima's avatar
As a shepherd I fell, I turned away and now I am far away, but this praise awakened me, showing that I still have value for God the LORD
IgorLima's avatar
I spent 3 years practically without using crack and I had a relapse which Satan tries at all costs to embarrass me however this music comforted my heart I feel that the Holy Spirit of God acting through this song. Thanks.
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JessicaOliveira_83's avatar
this hymn is wonderful it speaks in the depths of our soul 💕 for us to think how much valuable years, how much God is life! it strengthens me whenever all heads down. god i always read it. (daughter i am here) 🙌 am grateful to god for everything
Gustavo_Cruz12's avatar
God has to be written in capital letters! I'm sorry but I can't stand a handwriting error, if you know how to write correctly if you don't know, try to find out so you don't make a mistake! nothing to do with the music of course but just click correctly! beautiful music! thanks to those who read it!
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Pedro_Machado_P's avatar
you only pay attention when writing the lyrics of the song, God is not written with lowercase letters, lowercase letters wrote the gods they idolized. God is unique to be worshiped
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jaqueline_mendonca_'s avatar
This incredible hymn touched my heart deeply and made me smile! I'm 17 years old, and I suffer from anxiety and depression, it doesn't choose people, but I found myself in the light of the Lord! This song motivates me to move on! 🙏🏼🕊️
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the instrumentation of the song "You are Precious" by Bruna Karla and Eli Soares? Did any particular lyrics catch your attention? Tell us and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica! 💬
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This praise last year was heard a lot, this praise is self-esteem, last year I had a lot of problems with self-esteem, as it says in the music, don't let your past believe your future, I lived a lot in the past, it was a lot of work with a psychologist, psychoanalyst and the Lord.
marcos.rodrigues's avatar
God is touching our hearts, telling each of us that we have much value to the Lord! A great, blessed day for everyone!
MarianaLopes_81's avatar
The word of God says that: falling is man's, but getting up is God's!! Amen!🙏🙏💯💯💜💜👍
_pedrohenriquelima's avatar
every day we are bound to fall, just know if we want to get up or stay on the ground where the enemy tramples us! #love
AnaLuizaCosta's avatar
After a long day of pure tiredness taking a bath with this music and thinking how blessed I am for having everything I have is priceless, God always present with us
Lilian Melodebrito's avatar
Lilian Melodebrito
God my God there was me
#geovana2021's avatar
What beautiful music
Samuel Santos's avatar
Samuel Santos
very beautiful this praise 🙏🙌
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