Tune in Together

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Mas se quiser me olhar

Como um quadro sem explicação

Tô de um jato lunar

Na capital de são sebastião

Que o sol da manhã te dissolva

Seu vampiro de filmes pastelão

Mas quem vai nos julgar

Sou seu despenteado leão

Sei que cê me entende bem

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as can the version of the song sung by her alone is bursting more than the normal version, Show too much the two are very talented..
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Xamã and Marília Mendonça are to be broken for good. It's just emotion listening to this, even more so listening to Marília's voice, it's hard not to cry. #lion
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I don't know what I felt right listening to this song, it was a mixture of friendship and happiness, I found it a very beautiful song and I was touched by Marília Mendonça being present
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live ball show the scorpion 🦂 #
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Ana Carolina Dantas
Marília singing breaks me every time... I will never settle...
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About Marília Mendonça, I think the word would be intensity, a strong and powerful voice, almost a force of nature, except that sometimes in life I have played with composing songs, and it's something very complex and exhausting, and she left a legacy... Another empowered star in the sky!
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when music makes you travel inside yourself, bringing a mix of sensations, in short, the shaman together with our queen Marília couldn't be wrong.
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TikTok Music Brasil
#NeoBeats is a talented Chilean music producer and artist who achieved great prominence in the Brazilian RAP/HIP HOP market, becoming one of the most respected on the scene. #Curiosity
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"That is art, a melody that is heard, a poetry that is told, a painting that inspires us and a photograph that marks us at some point."
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Leão" has an instrumentation that focuses on a drum set, guitar loop and synthesizer. The lyrics bring elements of exaltation and self-affirmation of the personality in the face of the difficulties faced. The melody is marked by an intense and energetic rhythm that accompanies the vocal power of the artists. #Ecclesial #Review
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other songs do you recommend for those who like Xamã, Neo Beats or Marília Mendonça? #Discovering
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I tie myself to a sign song! I loved it when I started releasing it, did you like it too? Which one in your sign? #O
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I'm a Scorpian and this song 🎶 shakes the soul
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What an AMAZING song
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🇵🇸☭Raa Reis☭🇵🇸's avatar
🇵🇸☭Raa Reis☭🇵🇸
Beautiful poetry, Shaman.!
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as can the version of the song sung by her alone is bursting more than the normal version, Show too much the two are very talented..
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just because of Marília ❣️
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AFF what a beastly music. but it's the reality of Brazil, the more shit the more it sucks.
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