Tune in Together

Nada é pra sempre's poster image

Meu quarto lembra da gente, ei

Linda, ainda sinto seu cheiro

Disseram nada é pra sempre

Não acreditar foi meu erro

Vida mudou de repente

E a questão não é ter dinheiro

Coisa que só nós entende

Eu penso nela o tempo inteiro

Dificuldade pra dizer que ama

Escrever sobre a vida é mais simples que viver

Se nosso prazer só se encontra na cama

Sinceramente, eu não quero mais viver

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Nada é pra sempre

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The time of L7nnon that he passes a very conscious vision in his lyrics, and as a consequence he has been adding a lot in the lives of people who are his fans. #gratitude
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I remember every moment of us two together, I was at her house on Saturday and that was the mistake, she disappeared from my life but he came in and made me feel better.
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Really L7NNON is unique, it speaks of friendship, loyalty, love, complicity, disillusionment, longing... It still shows that we have to learn from mistakes and this is a very valuable lesson.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Ever heard "Nothing is forever" from L7NNON? What did you think of the dance? What's your favorite verse? Put this song on your playlist? Share your opinion in the comments and let's #Discovering together!
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the way he interconnects one stanza into the other and the construction of the story is simple and he exchanges a few words and changes the whole context is brilliant!
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this song is absurdly amazing, there's no way to describe how it helps me on hard days, thanks Lennon for that! ❤️‍🩹
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L7NNON touches my soul with this music, the lyrics are so strong but it has a subtlety, honestly I love this music too much.#nostalgia
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I met the music before the end, and hj this music reminds me of my old love, it was so good but it ended. And hj I'm with someone I love even more! and I don't want to be separated💞
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too good slk🫠
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Elielson Ramos D
"unfortunately my dream turned into a nightmare" this sentence marked what I'm going through now come on, fuck it.😢
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good music
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very top 🥰😁❤🎵
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this song and no conditions perfect hand of more 😻#goodvibe
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Fernanda 🥰
L7 makes the best trap❤️
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Sabrina Belmock Moze
difficulty saying he loves it, then two weeks he died
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Emanoel Goes
L7 has to respect 😎✌🏼❤
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the best
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that hurts my soul kkkk
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Leandro Fernandes
"Putting myself first..."🥇🎵🎼🎶
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