Tune in Together

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I've been with me here don't cry

You said you wanted my love why you d**n cry

You always know what that me trippin' in my dream should be alright

You were walked there in my mind

Why do you wanna here my life for now

You already know what God had blessed me now

Trippin' low 'bout my dream

We've been here with my phone call

But you wanna play with my heart now

I don't want to hear you laugh

With your steady word, I don't lie

I don't want to lose hope but

You've ever wondered still at my knees should be lock I

On my double clock on my hand no matter what

Make me know my claim awaiting that I'll be

Take and use until this s**t that I'll be

I don't know what that count to this lighten

I've been playing with the reaper as the sidemen

Girl why you wanna lie with my timeline

You said you were down

This is what I really like

I don't play that way right now

You played with my heart and my feeling down

Yeah you told me to know myself

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