Tune in Together

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Thought i found a way

Thought i found a way out

But you never go away

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so engaging! The dance is captivating and makes me want to dance crazy. The lyrics make me feel the emotions, even though I don't fully understand the language. I'm addicted to this song and I listen every day
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Ana Vitória de Melo
I love how he uses different instruments like bass and drum to create a very beautiful and touching listening experience #lovely.
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Never thought Id be into this genre, but Stella Taylor,Paxton Brown have converted me with lovely.
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nice original version
Lavisx_💋😘's avatar
when i'm sad i lock myself in the dark room and listen to her
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bro, a vibe! The beat is pretty crazy and the beats put me in a trance. The lyrics are so deep and emotional that they always move me. I just can't stop listening, it's a masterpiece of music!
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Stella de Andrades
This song has very romantic and sweet lyrics that make me feel in love.
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what a heavy sound! The dance is too high and the lyrics are on time! It's the kind of sound I like to hear when I'm on the road, the animal gets too round! I just didn't really like the chorus, I found it kind of bumpy and predictable, I don't know. But in general, the sound is top notch and I already put it on my playlist to listen again
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this sound is too good! I can't stand still when it plays. The dance is amazing and the lyrics really catch me. It's like a musical hug, you know? It makes me feel alive and connected. It's one of those you hear on repeat and still can't get enough of. It's in my top 5 for sure. It's definitely
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Lovely gives me ALL the feels. So much love for Stella Taylor,Paxton Browns work.
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Had this on repeat since it dropped, its become the anthem to my summer!
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Lovely just hits different. Its my go-to when I need a pick-me-up - thanks Stella and Paxton!
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TikTok Music Latin
What do you think of Stella Taylor's "lovely" instrumentation, Paxton Brown? Do you think it fits well with the lyrics of the song? #Discovery
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this is song is called lovely not welcome home lol
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lil cat x
woah, my heart just got pickpocketed 🎧💕
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Murni cahniaa shopp
me you dn the past
💙🦋cristina🦋💙's avatar
This song is perfect from start to finish.
🛡️Miguel  o Arcanjo🛡️'s avatar
🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
Let art point us to an answer Even if she doesn't know And let no one try to complicate it Because it takes simplicity to make it bloom; Because half of me is an audience And the other half is song... And may my friendship be forgiven Because half of me is love And the other half... too.💞💞
💙🦋cristina🦋💙's avatar
Eita beautiful music...
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Neomar de Souza Sant
very beautiful this song
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