Tune in Together

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Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?


Hi, my name's Doechii with two I's

I feel anxious when I'm high

Teachers say I talk too much

Momma say I'ont talk enough

In the dark I'm like a torch

From the hood, I hopped the porch

I don't bang or slang on gang

But my dada keep them thangs

Speak up, speak up

Speak up, speak

I get a little violent when I play the game of tag

I get a little quiet when I think about the bag

I slob when I sleep, and I wake up with a drag

I pulling out my teeth, so I wake up to the cash

This is who I am from the back to the front

I never had to pay for my schoolhouse lunch

My momma used stamps when she need a little help

But a n**a made do with the cards been dealt

I try to act smart 'cause I want a lot of friends

I never really went with the flow or the trends

I think I like girls, but I think I like men

Doechii is a d**k, I never fit in

Overly cocky, I'm hyper-ambitious

Me, me, me, me, b**h I'm narcin-assistic

I am a black girl who beat the statistics

F**k the opinions and all the logistics

(Speak up, speak up) Wow, ha

Wow well, Doechii (speak up, speak)

Why don't you tell us what you do in your spare time?

I'm all alone on the deep dark web

Me and my phone in this queen-sized bed

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