Tune in Together

Quem Tem Fome Tem Pressa's poster image

Nesse momento tem gente morrendo de fome No nosso Brasil

É a tristeza que a sociedade consome Me diz quem não viu

Quem tem fome, tem pressa e não pode esperar

A fome é perversa e não dá pra negar

E quem alimenta esse monstro do mal É a desigualdade social

Tem barriga vazia fazendo chorar Mas a cidadania tem uma missão

Fazer esse mundo se mobilizar Pra nunca mais faltar o arroz e o feijão

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Because these are complicated people, the situation in Brazil only gets worse over the years and really if everyone did their part we would be able to reduce a good percentage of those people who are hungry #Empathy
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What necessary lyrics! Listen carefully to every word sung, doing good to others is essential for us to live in a more harmonious society, we have to be the difference we want in the world always #thoughts
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This awareness in the lyrics is very good, this message must be passed on to many people, with the strength of all these singing voices it will take to make it possible. #PlayNoMeuVinil
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Bro, this song is so top notch! It reminds me of when I was at the beach enjoying a beautiful day of sun and sea. It gives that good feeling of freedom!
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very crazy! The rhythm is contagious and the lyrics are sincere and delicate There's no way you can't not feel good listening to it!
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Adir_F(logística)_HONDA CBR650
beautiful music 🎷☺️👊🏻🎶🎵👏🏻
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Denis Mombelli
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