Tune in Together

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Primeiramente guarde suas armas

Já me machuca tanto as suas palavras

Eu tô querendo uma conversa civilizada

Sei que tá esperando uma crítica

Mas tô correndo dessa briga

Hoje não tem vilão hoje não tem vítima

Não tem plateia não tem bebida

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Facas (Ao Vivo)

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I loved this song, the sound of the harmonica introducing the song was a very good shot, it reminded me of the sounds of the sertanejo of #tradicao
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Throw the first stone who has never suffered for love...but as my mother always says it has to hurt like never before, to never hurt again... Aow suffering 💔
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I loved this song! I'm impressed with their talent when they talk about love. Everything fits the lyrics and dance of this work of art 👏🔝 #diegoevictorhugo
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One of the songs I listen to the most, amazing how it expresses this reality well or the phase of a couple who love each other but can't live well and makes love a bit sadistic, alternating love and hate.
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I learned that to understand women a little bit and I need: "hear with your eyes and see with your ears"; many think that I don't understand, but I do... KKK! and that's why there are some who get angry with me...
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It's hard to hear this song and not get excited, a few months ago, my cousin, who had a duo, sang this music a lot, because the voice was similar. Unfortunately he died in an accident.
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I really wanted to be able to live love again, you know? feeling the cold in your belly, feeling your body seeing these things by the touch of your lips... But life has beaten me so much that I can no longer believe that love between a man and a woman exists.
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Listening to this music and not seeing anyone in the head is a privilege! I'm certainly not privileged! haha
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TikTok Music Brasil
#VictorHugo is the author of the song "Largado Ás Traças," a hit by the sertaneja Rio-Pretense duo Zé Neto & Cristiano. #Curiosity
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worse than us, when your friend of pleasure wants to be cruel, short because it can be the last one, like that
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B&M and D&V making my new hit fav 🎶comuuu if two⚔ scratched me looking for cut, comuuu two❤corations disputing who is uuu stronger 💪🎶
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too beautiful, there's no way not to think about love
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TikTok Music Brasil
Fan of Diego & Victor Hugo and Bruno & Marrone, what are your recommendations for similar songs? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Diego & Victor Hugo, Bruno & Marrone present "Facas (Ao Vivo)" with an arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboard and violin. The lyrics speak of a lost love and the melody mixes elements of sertanejo and pop. #Reviewal
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very good music, there's no way not to like it, my mother loves it and is in love with it, she keeps playing this song here at home, I'm almost seasick.#adoro
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Aeldo batista 925
I like to sing this song also in
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too beautiful 😍
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Zenildo maya
top of but 😁🥰
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Top to think of your loved one 😍
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Alessandro Carone
a song that speaks to the heart
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